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Early Step (1.6-3 years old)

early steps

Early STEP is a fun-filled, stimulating theme-based program where little ones develop language skills naturally spontaneously through listening, observing, exploring and experiencing the language in action.  Our lessons will make use of rhymes; songs; stories; puppets; language games; role play; that engage young children’s minds and foster their English language development.

Activity programs for children 1.6-3 years

• English language programs for young children will focus on learning naturally through fun active activities

• By creating creative activities such as storytelling, role playing games, hand puppets, music & dance, arts & crafts activities and rhythm poet for young children.

• Focus on building familiarity with the English language through real situations by learning basic vocabulary, pronunciation and listening skills correctly based on daily life dialogue.

• Topic will be organised each weeks based on a variety of age-appropriate and children’s interests.

Taught by native English teachers who have experience teaching young children in particular, which will have the best understanding in young children’s development and their learning skills.

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