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Curriculum and Teaching

We choose English curriculum that is highly used and widely accepted in England and British accredited international schools around the world.Teaching Phonics does not emphasize remembering letter but you will learn how to pronounce with fun by teaching sounds of it. With special procedure that not focusing on learning to pronounce in alphabetical order, this will allow children to mix and understand the word fast.

Teaching each sound will be stories, songs and motion pictures to make the learning easier and appealing to children to learn, which they will response better and grow their knowledge.
In addition, our program also enhance the skills and techniques to learn new words by encouraging children to be a reader and a writer themselves from the beginning and avoid learning in traditional methods.

How does Jolly Phonics work?
1.) Learning 42 main letter by pronounce letter sounds
2.) Multi-sensory Method using multi-sensory side to help your child’s learning.
3.) Blending the word and understand the mix of letters and sounds in order to correctly pronounce and spell
4.) Sound Recognition & Spelling skills to distinguish the voices of different characters in a word or syllable to help develop techniques for the precise spelling effectively
5.) Tricky Words is beyond the typical sound mixing by with Phonics, it will help children to understand new or even tricky words faster.

More information about the course

At Phonics 1st, we have also brought other leading programs to use with Jolly Phonics for example Oxford Reading Tree Scheme and Scholastic Reading Program, this is to encourage children to focus and develop the skills they learn from phonics and word combinations to use and practice in real life. This is also help to promote reading skill from many stories from fiction and non-fiction.


Native English Teachers

Teachers are very important to children’s learning in order for children learn to read, write and pronounce it properly. Therefore, we choose only highly qualified teacher with the following qualifications:A foreign teacher (Native speaker), including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. This is for children to truly reflect the pronunciation correctly and learn how to use language from native speakers that have good knowledge, expertise in teaching Phonic and experience teaching young children in particular.


Classroom Management

To achieve maximum performance of how children can enjoy and learn quickly, we have procedures in the class as seen below:1. Meet parents to understand the teaching program.
2. Phonics test based on the child’s pre-class level.
3. class for each child will based from the assessment by Phonics, age, pre-existing English foundation and characteristics of children’s learning will be paired with similar group.

By grouping the students into small groups and limit the number of children per group of 5-8 students per class.

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